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The rating would not be so low if they had a higher quality of customer service representatives. I purchased NHL tickets through this joke of a company as Christmas gifts for my parents.

I was trying to print out some form of ticket so I had something to present to them on Christmas. I was unable to login to the app that my phone automatically redirected me to at the time of purchase. I found the customer service phone number on GetHuman, ironic? Anywho, I decided instead of waiting on hold to have the rep.

call me back when it was my turn. Once I got a call back, I explained the situation. I was rudely interrupted multiple times. I let it slide a few times, understanding that this is not the most pleasant job.

She was great at helping me out and figuring out why I could not log in. I asked if there was any way I could get some form of the ticket in hand because it was for a Christmas gift. She proceeded to tell me that when I get to the Arena on game day I just have to present the ticket holder with my credit card used to purchase the tickets and they would have them for me. I informed her that I understood the process and asked if I would be able to do that prior to the game, referring back to my previous question.

In the middle of me explaining, she interrupted, raised her voice, and reiterated the previous instructions. I mentor children with behavioral issues and they have better etiquette and respect than this lady does. I finally asked her to stop interrupting me and restated that I understood the process of getting the tickets. I re-asked if there was anyway possible way to print off a ticket so I can present it as a Christmas present.

She said, one moment ma'am. Literally only covered the phone with her hand, got back on. For about a minute she sat there saying "Ma'am?. Ma'am?

Are you there? Hello?" I answered back a couple times to see if she was legitimate. I'm not sure what the policy is, but I have never experienced someone so dedicated to see if someone was on the other line before. Called back to talk to a supervisor.

The lady who initially answered sounded really nice.

When she was ready to transfer me, the call miraculously disconnected. To be continued....

Product or Service Mentioned: Axs Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Axs Cons: Customer service, Interruptions, Not understanding.

  • Poor Customer Care
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