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I know being able to buy your tickets online is great but what they advertise and what they charge are two totally different things. I thought I would pay around $30 for concert tickets and then found it was $36 so I was already reluctant.

But then all the “fees” pushed it all the way up to $49.97. They were “convenience” fees and “facility” fee. If AXS is smart enough to detect instantaneous price changes, why can’t they also detect those fees and advertise the ticket at that price from the beginning?

Also, when I was buying the ticket, I did not want to use an external ticket vendor so I went straight to the website of the vendor at which the concert would be held. But every link led to tickets sold by AXS.

So because they have a monopoly, they can charge whatever they want and add silly fees. Then to make things worse, once I had the ticket, there was no way for me to print or display them in an email. Rather, AXS forced me to download their app so I can use my ticket. The alternative they give is to “transfer to friends.” That’s ridiculous.

There are plenty of vendors making much higher value and higher risk financial transactions like airlines every day that do not require you to have an app to use your ticket. I imagine my grandparents would simply not be able to enjoy this musical concert, an activity that, culturally speaking, was described well on their website as being for “all ages,” or potentially countless other concerts just because they cannot navigate around the smartphone world.

So why can’t they at least make the tickets available for email and/or print out?

Because of the false price listing, monopoly on sales, and lack of non-app options, the totality of my experience with and impression of AXS has been one of deceptive coercion and exploitation. I will almost certainly delete the app after entering the concert hall and try and buy my tickets the old fashioned way next time if I can.

I just hope this concert is worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Axs Concert Ticket.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $14.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Axs Pros: I could use my phone for the concert.

Axs Cons: What you see advertized is not what you pay.

  • Pretty much a scam
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