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Your're not the only one pissed, I got on right at the clock start. After I waited as well, I got in, started selecting my tickets, the website was EXTREMELY slow - understandable because of all the users.

However, even though it didn't take long for me to select my ticket... (I was waiting on Axs to hurry up and go to the next page) it took its sweet time and it followed me with a prompt that said "Your session has ended". I had to go back and restart the STUPID que. Did that again, my next page after that was sold out.

AXS - This was VERY POORLY MANAGED and a big waste of time, huge disappointment especially for those who did this the right way and waited - yet still got nothing.

Had it been done the right way, even with the que, the right people who waited should of gotten their tickets. Also they did away with "selecting your seats and sections" so it was harder to find good seats. Even from the drop down list, you selected a seat and it said it wasn't available anymore and to pick another... over all...

very bad experience with AXS.

I also noticed that afterwards, AXS seems to just care about making money and with an attitude that anything else is not their problem. I hope Rodeo Houston will refrain from using their services in the future again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Axs Website.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Axs Cons: Poorly managed for ticket sales.

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