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Like other reviewers, I set up AXS account & mobile app prior to insure I was ready for BTS ticket sale starting at 10am in Sat 5/5 from the only site selling the tickets. Ok, so you can only buy from axs online or phone at 213 area code I’ll be online, husband will be on phone...9:57 alarm goes off..

we watch for 10:00 & call & long on.. husband gets ringing hen pls hold for next rep..I get the waiting room, watching my little person walk & walk that line, fingers ready to purchase once I leave waiting room...get ok for my turn, go to purchase ANY 2 tickets, it’s my daughters 16th Bday gift so $250 ea ok, although I have never paid hat much even for myself or husband to see anyone, but whatever, I’m all in for my baby girls 16th....system then tells me “not a valid site for sales” WHAT? I thInk?

Oh no, back arrow, no luck, have to start again in waiting room but ok let go, husband still on hold..try again & get kicked out, then told I already have a place in line, then told I gave up my place in line REALLY!!!!! Funny cause I didn’t touch anything to give it up....Bu the time I can get back through the process NO TICKETS....Husband finally gets taken off hold about 1hour later approx 10:50am & was told all phone tickets have sold out & he can only get them online...Really, I was online and kicked out 3 different times and still don’t have 2 tickets.....And to make matters worse, Ticketmaster who didn’t even have tickets for sale now has 100’s for sale at $347.00 and above for seat that were priced @ $60

In the 300 section.....This is legalized scalping no matter how you look at it....DISGUSTING and DEPLORABLE....

Product or Service Mentioned: Axs Bts Concert Ticket.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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