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The whole process for buying tickets is beyond ridiculous. The "random ***" method made no sense. I was in the "waiting room" 30 minutes prior to tickets going on sale at 10AM. The funny thing is that I had several windows open just to try to get tickets since this "waiting room" method puts you in to buy tickets randomly whether you were first to get in there or not. I had one last window open a minute before 10AM and the funny thing is that I got in to purchase tickets faster on that window rather the window I opened 30 minutes prior. That was the first issue with the process.

Once it hit 10AM, I finally got in about 3 minutes after to purchase tickets, I clicked on the P1 (top VIP ticket) and there were "no tickets found." How is it possible that P1 tickets were sold out already before 10AM? I understand that the traffic coming into the site could have been an issue, but I still believe that there was no way tickets should have been sold out before 10AM. I then got into buy tickets on another window and searched for the next VIP ticket before that (P2). I somehow got lucky after a few tries of "no tickets found" and found (4) tickets for P2. However, as I was still trying to find P1 tickets, the time/refresh limit was reached and I completely lost hold of those P2 tickets. Even after that I then got lucky to get P3 tickets...but again, lost those due to time limit reached.

Now, I do understand that you get a 3 min time limit to decide on if you want the tickets that have popped up for you when searching. However, everyone wants to try to get the top VIP tickets...something just did not seem right. The minute it hit 10AM, it kept saying "no tickets found" and you would have to search again. After so many searches, you reach a limit and then you're put back into the waiting room and who knows how long you would have to wait sometimes. This experience buying tickets completely ruined my view on going to concerts when these artists are so popular.

I really do think that it is completely sketchy that other venues for other shows in other cities for the same concert have had the same exact issue. The funny thing also is that axs's "official partner" site (StubHub) has a direct link on for RE-SALE Tickets. I truly feel like more than 80% of tickets were already sold in a pre-sale through American Express cardholders and also to scalpers who bought in bulk and selling these tickets at triple the retail price of the tickets. There is never any mention on AXS or Ticketmaster that there are "pre-sales" you would have to be an American Express cardholder to know this already. This issue is not only for this Got7 concert but others as well. The ticket buying system is not being fair to actual fans who want to see their favorite artists. It's always all about the money. Now, many many fans will not be able to see their fave artists because many bad people have bought up most of the tickets only to make a huge profit.

To those fans who got lucky enough to purchase tickets once they were on sale to the general public, have fun for the rest of us who cannot go now because of this BS system.

Product or Service Mentioned: Axs Got7 Concert Ticket.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Axs Cons: Customer service, Attitude of staff.

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I did get tickets for NYC show at P3 LEVEL AND A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE to you. Be glad you didn't get them.

We waited in line all day after paying $200 per ticket and we're hearded in like cattle.

I would say only about 20% of the people could see anything. Everyone else was looking into the back of the head of the person in front of them in this crazy standing GA set up they have in place.

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