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The bottom line is AXS is awful to deal with when trying to obtain money from it after selling tickets. Its ACH transfer system is a failure, perhaps so that it can hold on to money and make money on "the float."

The story unfolds as follows. I had to sell tickets through AXS for a couple of concerts friends and I could not attend at Red Rocks. The first sale generated $710. Instead of automatically sending the money to my bank account (which was on file), the system forced me to request a transfer. That's failure number 1. In addition, that process was by itself annoying because clicks on the transfer button frequently fail as the button sort of “jumps.“ After several tries, I finally got the button to work and so moved by failure number 2. For failure number 3, I did not receive any message acknowledging the request for transfer.

Ultimately, a week later, the ACH transfer finally reached my checking account on Friday, July 19. However, ACHs can and should move in 1 day. Thus, failure number 4.

Meanwhile, AXS also is holding the $700 from the sale of the second set of tickets. I’ve been trying for a week now to obtain transfer of that money to my checking account. When I log in, the system shows that I have $700 in the account. But when I tell the system to transfer the money, it brings up a message which states: "You currently have an EFT request that is being processed. Please wait until this EFT request is completed before making a new EFT request." (See screen shot of message). Thus, failure number 5. That message has been showing up daily for over a week and is not accurate. Again, as stated above, an ACH transfer takes only one day to move to a bank account, and so my prior ACH request for a transfer of of the $710 should’ve gone through in a day. Instead, it took over a week. Thus, 6 more failures (6-11).

I tried to find a phone number to call the company, but nothing showed up on its website that I could find. (Failure 12). I submitted a complaint through the AXS app “support“ system, which is badly done. It is unclear whether that complaint actually went through anywhere. (Failure 13) Also, I never received an acknowledgement of the submission of the complaint. Thus, failure 14.

In sum, I am disgusted by this company. I finally found the phone number through this pissed off consumer website. The number is 888-929-7849. As I dictate this note I’ve been sitting on hold for over 20 minutes and am hanging up.

I will be filing a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General. This kind of malfeasance is not acceptable.

I am so tired of wasting my time to solve problems created by companies which implement lousy systems, either accidentally or intentionally.

Product or Service Mentioned: Axs Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Send me my $700 in one day, and pay me my hourly rate of $540 for wasting an hour of my time. .

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I have a problem where AXS won't even let me add a bank account for transferring my money: I enter in all of my data and theres always this annoying error message that pops up: "Please verify your input data" and it doesn't even tell me what to verify. I had this problem when I was listing my tickets too, but at least the message told me that I can't write a thank you note to my buyer (??!?) Hopefully Ill only have to reload my page once or twice or something stupid like that..


I'm having this exact issue now. I've reloaded the browser multiple times already. Did you ever get through?


I've had the same problem. Basically they are holding funds to earn interest off our money.

Any other electronic transfer/ACH allow 3-5 business days. And now I have another sale that they will hold for 30 days, multiple this by the thousands of daily resale funds and I assure you it is tons of money on top of the already high fees that add to ticket sells.

I hate to say it but I would rather do business with Stub Hub, always get my funds quickly. Why isn't this illegal?


This same experience happened to me when I sold tickets to an event I could not attend at red Rocks. The”customer service agent told me it would be 15 days for the money to come through from the first ticket’s sale, at which point I could begin to initiate the transfer of funds from the 2nd ticket and wait another 15 days for that more bet to go through. UNBELIEVABLE!!


They are doing the same thing to me now. I had a brain injury from being assaulted and robbed while on vacation.

Bottom line, I got a super bad concussion. Had to sell two sets of tickets, worth well over 1,000. They won't send you the money. And, they won't let you do two transfers at once.

What total BS. Horrible.

They make money selling tickets, charge fees for re-selling tickets, then they want to keep your money and earn interest. JOKE!


I took the advice listed in comments and used a browser, since I too was receiving the " this field cannot be blank" notice. It appears the transfer went through and I will wait to see how long before it shows up in my bank


did you ever get ur money from axs from the bank dude?


I keep getting the message"This field should not be empty" when the amount to be transferred to my bank is actually in the field. Can't seem to get passed it. So i guess they have my money..


Don't do it thru the app. Do it thru browser.


Yeah, the wait is horrible. You would think since they take our money immediately and with all those fees we have to pay, they should at least give us our money back in a debit transaction


I sold some tickets aswell and was waiting for the ACH to hit my bank account. I called the customer service hotline and they told me it takes up to 10 business days for the transfer to complete.


It's a scam. I frequently send money by ACH and it moves fronm bank A to bank B in one day. Like Warren Buffet, AXS makes money off of "float." And, since the GOP has gutted the staffing of federal agencies, there is no enforcement against companies that screw consumers.


Did you ever get the money from your second set of tickets you sold?


Did you ever receive your money? I’ve been waiting for my money to transfer for 3 days.


Ironically I just sold red rocks tickets and am going on day 4 of waiting for the transfer.


An update. The situation is growing worse.On July 24, I spoke with customer service via telephone.

The woman was apologetic, but completely unhelpful. She promised to take the matter to a manager, and have an email sent to me with an explanation of when I might actually receive money. No email was received.I called again on the 25th and spoke with Cindy. According to Cindy, the notes from the 24th indicated that a manager named Steven had reviewed the situation yesterday and his "answer” is that it takes up to 14 days to close out an electronic transfer.

This obviously is a lie because ACH transactions do not require 14 days, and in fact the prior transfer of $710 reached my checking account on Friday July 20. Thus, AXS is simply holding on to my cash and making money off "the float."I asked Cindy to make notes in the account regarding my latest call, and to note explicitly the hope that multiple people at this company will be indicted for participating in consumer fraud.