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Let me start off with the fact that the "waiting room", is completely bs. Unfair, very unfair.

I waited 30 minutes in that waiting room, trying to purchase Got7 tickets in LA. I was so excited because i thought that if i got on the site at 10 am exactly i'd have the chance to get P1 and score a photo op with the group. Was i wrong. I've never used the site, i thought that it would be a first come first serve kind of thing.

I got in at 9:50 because i wanted to see what was happening. I clicked that waiting room option cause I guess to me it meant have your spot reserved to get tickets. At that moment I was okay because I'd get tickets, but after 30 minutes of that *** waiting room I was done. It was finally my turn, and i was so excited but then angry because any option I clicked for tickets I was given a "no seats found", for 2 tickets, any option.

Nothing. Even for 1, nothing. I gave up after a while. Didn't get any tickets.

Later on i found out that people that got into the waiting room later than me, say 10:05 scored P1+photo op tickets!! Unfair to those who waited 2 hours to get tickets and not getting any. 3 minutes limit time to buy tickets? Ridiculous.

The system itself is ridiculous. Why select randomly who gets the opportunity to buy tickets and who doesn't. I know now to stay away from this site for tickets, because its unfair and ridiculous. Fix the problem with that waiting room or get rid of it.

And make it fair for everyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Axs Got7 Concert Ticket.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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AXS is horrendous! It was my first and last time I'm ever purchasing tickets thru that site!

I had a similar issue, I was in the waiting room as soon as it opened, and I was around in at 10:02am. Even then I couldn't get any tickets. All I needed was one ticket, since I was going by myself. I tried both P1 and P2 both said that they couldn't find any seats available!?!?

I tried P3 but that section already had a red line thru it. So, I didn't bother. Although, I found it odd that P3 was already sold out in just two minutes. I'm pretty sure they must of had a pre-sale, because it's odd that we couldn't find a single seat!

I heard that several people got P1 and P2 tickets by calling.

Sadly, I found out too late. Crazy how many people didn't get tickets.

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